One like no one.
The only product with three configurable screens
  • First screen
    Move from one screen to another using the arrows.
  • Second screen
    Move from one screen to another using the arrows.
  • Third screen
    Move from one screen to another using the arrows.
Countless configurable and customisable screens.
All the others only have one purpose
One, the only one Multi.
All in One.
The only Multi-Purpose device.
A whole universe in a single product.
Click ONE and explore its universe.
The ideal climate, the actual climate.
Run your finger over the circular slider to decrease or increase the temperature by 3°C. A feedback LED indicates whether the system is running.
Try the ONE home climate screen.
Choose heat or cold
Clicking on dimmer
Click on the cold to lower the temperature.
Click heat to increase the temperature.
Keep pressing, keep control.
A single point of control and a light pressure is all you need to raise
and lower shutters, Venetian blinds and sun awnings, inside or outside the house.
Try the ONE home automation screen.
Click the arrows and manage your home.
The Thousand... and One light.
One controls up to 27 lighting points.
To switch a lighting point on or off, simply press lightly.
You can adjust the intensity of each light and, thanks to the special RGB function, change the colour of the ambient lighting.
Try the ONE lighting screen.
Click the LEDs and manage all the lights in your home.
You are the One.
You can use the special RGB management function to change
the colour of the ambient lighting while adjusting its intensity.
blue violet glicine lilac pink red yellow Lime azure Light blue Bluette + -
Click the RGB wheel to
change the colour in the room
One becomes four.
Going out
One manages up to 4 pre-set home automation scenarios.
Through the Scenarios function, One further simplifies
home management and improves quality of life.Comfort,
wellbeing and security have never been so achievable.
The shutters close, the lights dim and change colour,
and the temperature rises. Love at first touch.

The shutters close, the lights switch off and the
heating begins operating in night mode. See you in the morning.

The lights switch off, the shutters close (except for any you wish to leave open)
and the heating switches off, to come on again shortly before your return.
If you are going out, remember to get flowers for this evening.
The lights switch off, all the shutters close and the heating
only comes on to maintain the desired temperature.
Have a good trip; see you on Monday.
Explore the ONE scenarios.
Click the numbers to discover thousands of possibilities.
Simplicity in its purest form.
Colour as an expression of style and identity.
A shiny surface made using transparent scratch-resistant polycarbonate.
With One, your wall is a thing of beauty.
Shades chosen for their ability to adapt to the materials
and styles used in modern architecture.
LED light
In the dark, the ONE LEDs become less bright.
Visible but never annoying.
One adapts to suit your style.
Each LED can be customised with a
different colour, to distinguish commands, screens or functions.
Slide the black triangle along to select the desired colour
One command.
One home.
Shutter switch
Light switch
Light dimmer
RGB dimmer

..and much more, in a single product

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